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Central Luzon State University Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 3120
Capital Outlays
1 Construction of three-storey Development   Communication Building and Auditorium 50,000,000 Completed
1 Construction   of Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory 18,000,000 Completed
1 Construction   of University Publishing House 5,508,000 Completed
1 Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation   of Academic Buildings 6,716,000 Completed
1 Acquisiton of Analytical & Diagnostic Laboratory 19,273,000 Completed
1 Purchase   of DEC Materials Development Facility 5,300,000 Completed
1 Construction of   Animal Science and Crop Science Building and Rehabilitation of Existing   Facilities at the College of Agriculture 20,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   of the CLSU Admission Building 15,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   and Refurbishment of the CLSU Animal Medical Center 8,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   of the Hospitality Management Building and Procurement of the Hospitality and   Culinary Art Equipment 30,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   and Refurbishment of Research Laboratories 36,948,000 Completed
1 Construction   and/or Rehabilitation of Multi -Purpose Building including 500,000 for Sports   Facilities 1,500,000 Completed
1 Repair   and Improvement of Structures/ Facilities and Acquisition of Equipment 3,500,000 Completed
1 Construction of   the CLSU Broiler Project Climate Controlled System 14,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   of the CLSU Auditorium and Acquisition of Auditorium Equipment 25,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation/Renovation   of the Living Fish Museum and Related Hatchery Facilities and Acquisition of   Furniture, Equipment and Apparatus 10,000,000 Completed
1 Construction   of Micro-Hydro Laboratory and Manufacturing & Workshop Building at the   College of Engineering and Rehabilitation of Two Classrooms, Hallway and   Entrance of Activity Center 15,000,000 Completed
1 Rehabilitation   of the Existing Building, Physical Sites Improvements and Acquisition of   Furniture and Equipment at the College of Agriculture 20,000,000 Completed
1 Construction   of Teacher Education Hall (Phase I) and Acquisition of TEdH Furniture and   Equipment 15,093,000 Completed
1 Construction/Repair/Rehabilitation   of Academic Buildings 5,000,000 Completed
1 Purchase   of Various Equipment Outlay 5,000,000 Completed
1 Acquisition   of State-of-the-Art Research Laboratory Equipment, Apparatus, Farm Machinery,   Post-Harvest Equipment and ICT/Resource Audio Visual Equipment 30,000,000 On-going
1 Acquisition   of CLIRDEC Furniture, Computer Tranining Equipment and Air Conditioning Unit 20,000,000 Completed
1 Completion of   Three-Storey Teacher Education Hall (Phase II) 60,000,000 On-going
1 Improvement   of the Academic Affairs Amphi-Theatre 15,000,000 Completed
1 Restoration   of Reimer’s Hall 15,000,000 On-going
1 Construction of   Two-Storey Dormitory Building 15,000,000 On-going
1 Purchase   of Nano Technology Equipment 30,000,000 Completed
1 Purchase   of Biotechnology and Analytical Laboratory Equipment 20,000,000 On going delivery
1 Acquisition of IT Equipment 5,452,000 Completed
1 Construction of   Two-Storey Plant Pests and Diseases Surveillance, Clinic and Research Center   and Acquisition of Furniture and Equipment 34,000,000 On-Going   Delivery
1 Improvement   of CLSU University Hospital and Acquisition of Equipment 15,000,000 On-going
1 Upgrading   of the RET Farmers Training Hostel as a Conduit to Capability Enhancement and   Rural Development 20,000,000 On-going
1 Upgrading of the CLSU RM-Cares Organic Farming   Training Facility 8,000,000 On-going
1 Expansion   of the Seed Laboratory and Cold Storage Facility as a Agro-biological   Research Laboratory for precision R&D and Efficient Management 15,000,000 On-going
1 Acquisition   of ICT Equipment and Facilities-Expansion of University Wide Area Network for   the implementation of Information Systems Integration 26,048,000 On-going
1 Design   and Build of the Two-Storey Center for Transboundary Animal Disease Building 100,000,000 On-going
1 Construction   of Precision and Digital Agriculture Center Building and Greenhouse 27,000,000 On-going